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Champagne Dinners

Usually champagne is consumed before or after a dinner, but have you ever had a whole dinner to go along with different champagnes or a vertical? If not, I am happy to share more insights. 

Champagne Tastings

Tastings will help you to determine if a champagne speaks to you or not. You also get to compare the complexity of the different houses/vignerons or blends.

I give my very best to engage the clients, provide a fun, relaxed, experience. I try to put them at ease and to give me hints about how to direct the tasting, so they're more likely to enjoy the champagne they try and hopefully become new champagne afficiandos.

Champagne Rally

In 2019 ChampagneWeathers (Swedish Champagne Instagramer) and myself came together to do the first IG Champagne Rally. The concept is to visit and get to know different houses and growers, taste their champagnes and enjoy the beautiful region of Champagne. 

These rallys may also be held outside of the champagne region, more to come ... 

Champagne Dinner

Champagne goes almost with every dish, except fast food. When you drink champagne, you want to take your time and enjoy every single moment. Champagne goes fantastic with anything coming from the water, also meat is a fantastic partner in crime and for me the ultimate pairing is Sushi & Champagne. 

Champagne Tastings

If a small group, a business lunch, a marriage or simply an evening tasting, I comit myself to your event and I would be happy to arrange an unique experience for you and your guests. 

In victory, you deserve champagne. In defeat, you need it. 

Napoleon Bonaparte

Champagne Rally

A champagne rally is first about friendship with likeminded persons who love to share the same passion. These rally's came to birth through a network of champagne enthusiasts and Instagram. The goal is to learn together more about different champagnes and to discover or rediscover growers or houses. 
 During the day different tastings will take place and we end up finishing at a wine bar, a restaurant or just in a flat, philosophizing about champagne. 
Good vibes only. Cheers